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Our Locations: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose


About ClubXXX

Since 2013, ClubXXX has been U.S. only private lifestyle organization attracting more than 850 new members every month from all states and around the world. As the top lifestyle organization in the country, ClubXXX is proud to provide events that set the standard for fun & erotic evenings. With an average age of 32, we attract an upscale clientele between the ages of 21 through 50's.

We receive questions every day from people asking us what is a lifestyle club? What can we expect to experience?

There is no easy answer and for each person, the answer would be different.

At ClubXXX, we see it as a difference in attitude, activities and objectives. We look at sexual exploration as a journey that takes as many different paths as there are types of couples. We are committed to create a beautiful, safe environment free of the issues found at bars & nightclubs.

We do not tolerate offensive or rude behavior. We are private.

ClubXXX is a lifestyle venue catering to the wide and varied desires of the lifestyle community. The hosted parties are for those who have experience in the lifestyle and are looking for a unique venue to play.

These events are usually private and have awesome attendance. If you are looking to explore some of your inner desires and fantasies, these are the events to attend! We specialize in arranging erotic events for couples, men and woman who love pleasure.

What's ladies night out? Technically, it is an alternative lifestyle where couples and singles get together and mingle and meet new adults open to the lifestyle. Why? Do you need to be discreet about your adventures? Looking to explore this popular but yet secretive fantasy?

History of ClubXXX

Initially we worked only in New York, in a private format, and people had almost zero opportunity to visit club. Only our elite knew about our parties!

January, 2012 – the first party in New York. Only 20 participants, who subsequently had become “Founding Fathers” of the club.

March, 2013 – we start a first party in second city, in Dallas. And once a month we began to shake two cities with cries of passion.

December, 2013 – we are opening a new city of debauchery! First time party takes place in Los Angeles!

May, 2014 – we systematize parties in three cities. Now parties are held on a weekly basis.

April, 2018 – now our parties are working in thirteen cities of America! ClubXXX warm-up You! Expanded and changed the system of work! Triumphant launch of our new hot site!

Our distinctive feature is that in every city we organize the same events. This is done for that, if You are traveling through America, You could visit a certain party and don’t miss anything, and don’t get into the same parties. For each party we rent a new room, with high-end equipment, exquisite and unique interior. Our designers create unique images for each party.

About the personnel: we select only the most highly qualified specialists to work with us. Bartenders of world class, the best DJs, professional dancers, high-class emcees!

The payment system is designed so, that your identity is anonymous. Absolute security is guaranteed, this is confirmed by the ban on video and photo shooting. Also, from a certain place You are taken by our service transport and delivered to the venue of the event. We have personal drivers, which will gladly deliver our customers home after the party ends.

We also care about your health! We work with large suppliers of food and alcohol; You will never see bad or expired products here.

An endless variety of party themes, unique show programs are waiting for You every week! We are always glad to see You at our club!

Events this week

We host a variety of different types of events held at local clubs, private venues, upscale private homes and hotels.
Our no pressure environment is perfect for newcomers as well as those who have been in the lifestyle for years.
All of our events are private events for couples and singles.